Insulation system is very much important to keep your home cool in summer. You can see in many houses roof materials are not good and that are not good insulator. So, they spend a lot of money on electricity bills especially in summers.

The quality of insulation of your home totally depends on the quality of the material of the roof of your home. Slates are the best materials to renovate your roof. Slates are good insulators also. So, use slate roof shingles and slate roof tiles for the roof top of your home and stop using more air conditioning; it will decrease your electricity bills also.

Other advantages:

Slate roof tiles Perth have great durability. Amongst the other roof top materials slate roof shingles are considered as the best, because it can resist more heavy rain falls, wind etc than the other roof top materials. It soaks very little water. So, it can last up to 100 years normally. It is also fire resistant. It gives your home an elegant look. It gives your home a classy look and great value that is definitely better than other roof top materials. If your roof is made of slate you’ll definitely get complement from your neighbours and office mates. So, slate roof top shingles are the best for your home’s roof.

Renovating your home? Take care of insulation and beware of global warming

If you want to renovate your roof then it must be very difficult to find the perfect material for your roof. You have to choose it wisely so that it gives you all the benefits as well as a rich look to your home. You must be aware that our earth is becoming warmer day by day because of global warming. People are continuously cutting trees for making shopping malls, factories, new cities, multiplex etc and that is one of the major reasons of global warming. Pollution is also among the main reasons.

The effects of the global warming are more dangerous. One of them is increase in temperature. For that reason now we face the most intense summers. That makes us financially weak. Surging electricity bills make you pay more and the only reason of that is using use of air conditioning throughout a day. If you have noticed you can see 60-70% of our electricity bills in summers are because of air conditioning.